Thursday, March 18, 2010

My day as a Nun...

and you are really wondering now? Why? Pray tell why are you acting like a Nun? IS their some secret side of you that we don't know? Is their something we should be worried about? Umm yes, yes and yes! My worrrrrrds in pictchas... My new friends Lydia and Alyssa and my old missionary buddy, Marilyn, got together and did an assembly for the Indian Hills junior high who had been studying the time period since Janurary. Since most of us are in a singing group together and we all love to dress up we were the perfect willing candidates. We had a lot a fun, telling all the "kiddies" about the Renaissance and it's colorful array of classes. We performed songs and told some history but mostly had fun. I think we have a good gig here. So if anyone knows a school or library or even collective group who wants a fun presentation on the Renaissance let me know. You won't regret it. And like I said we have an even larger singing group that performs old english and renaissance music.


  1. What a fun time! I'm sure you all sounded awesome and I love the costumes (of course!).

  2. Glad it turned out good! I know you were a bit worried.
    PS. you look good as a nun! LOL