Monday, April 12, 2010

More Easter...

Our Easter weekend began when Annie, the kids and Mugga showed up on Friday. The kids were ecstatic to see each other and had fun getting reacquainted. Mugga treated us all to "How to Train Your Dragon" Which was a blast even though Ethan had to see it from an up standing point. Lily made the funniest comments out loud in the theater, this being only her second show at the "BiG Movie". When Hiccup eats the fish- EWWW Cu-ca POOOO!
Then on Saturday when went to the Smith's easter hunt and Hollywood Connection Easter Mayhem. The kids all in all had fun. Later we all headed up to the Rendezvous where my DAd and Brothers were. We walked around the traders, visited and then we went to the motel Mugga got for us to stay in. Annie and I had a fun visit/trip when we went out late to get candy and extra goodies for Dad's birthday the next day.
On Sunday we did the basket egg thing with the munchkins and then headed back to the Rendezvous. Dad had fun taking the kids out on the canoe and we instructed Lily that you don't get out on the water's side of the canoe. Silly girl! WE watched the boys win their canoe races and had some awesome Miss kitty's BBQ. Dad ate his tomato that we got him for a healthy cake and the rest of us had peach pie and snickers cake. Sucker. I love my family and the though it was all a blast it was way to short a time with my family. They all left Sunday afternoon to travel home. I still miss them.

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