Monday, February 22, 2010

Chocolate DIva Bash

So myself and some groovy girlfriends all went to Gardner Villages Chocolate Bash on Sat. I just want to say I had so much fun. The village was doing the queen of Hearts and they had lots of sales. The best I have ever seen. Anastasia's Attice which everyone knows is my favorite story of all time, had a gorgeous coat for a $100.00 on sale for $22.00. Everyone who passed by said it looked amazing on me, so my friend Gillian bought it for my birthday and I got to prance all over in my new Diva coat. We ate chocolate till we were chocolated out and then ended the evening wandering around the village some more. I found thee funniest book ever called " If these Boobs could talk" for breastfeeding women. I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. I didn't get it but I should have. Today, Monday, I got a call saying that I won one of the gift baskets we had entered. WOW it was a great weekend. I love my friends. They are the best.

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  1. Hey Kellie, guess what? I'm the author of "If These Boobs Could Talk." Can I send you a copy of the book? I'm so glad you liked it! You need to own it. Free of charge. :)
    - Adrienne Hedger
    send me a note at adriennehedger[at]