Monday, March 1, 2010

Vegas 30, Day one...

So the first day of my vegas birthday weekend we went to see the fountains of Bellagio (which I absolutely love) and the chinese botanical garden, which was celebrating the chinese new year. Then we walked over to Caesars Palace. While there we walked around the forum shops, watched the Atlantis display and enjoyed the aquarium. We found this Photo gallery by this artist I can't remember his name, but it was beautiful, all landscapes. This is one I took with Jared relaxing under. I only took it because some lady walking around the gallery said to take the picture because it was perfect. So I did. Too bad I couldn't afford to bring it home. I have to say I didn't see as much as I had wanted to because Ethan was heavy trying to carry him around in my sling. I wore out to fast so we didn't get down to the Fremont Street tribute to Queen. Darn! next time I guess. Funny though the people you see in Vegas, that night we saw I police officer posing with some scantily clad lady pretending to arrest her for a picture...weird! and then we saw a 6ft, 2" gentleman wearing a garter and panties and bra. All I can saw is he must have chased off the Jesus preachin' fellows. It scared me the other direction. Good Times!

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  1. You are so gorgeous!! What a great way to celebrate turning 30!!! I think I may have to start planning mine since it is only 6 months away! EEEK!