Monday, March 1, 2010

Vegas 30, Day Two...

First we went straight to walmart and bought a cheap stroller to ease our backs for the days outings. Then Jared took a nap while I finished my medieval book, all while waiting for Mandee and Travis to visit his sister. Then we had lunch at the "Market Grill Cafe" Where my old boss owns and works. His Wife is greek and they opened this fresh and delicious cafe with the best Greek food I have ever had. Way better than anything they have in Salt Lake. (Rib and Landa you would die). They were filming that day, people eating and enjoying the food for TV screens that they will have playing throughout the restaurant. They filmed us watching them light a flaming cheese. It was so cool. Joe my boss did it. Ethan who was asleep at the time started crying, he wasn't a fan of the flaming cheese. Afterwards we headed to the Outdoor Store and the pro Bass shop. They had free fishing lessons, a huge waterfall and a huge aquarium with a mermaid swimming in it. She came over and Said hi to the Sleeping Ethan. It was so cute. I bought a Celtic CD and Jared bought some cherry sours(wow, we are big spenders aren't we). We took our journey back to the Bellagio where we caught the tram over to Band new City center and toured the new casino Aria. It was all decked out for Chinese new year as well. Everything was so extravagant that it was so easy to forget everything outside. but that's how they want it. From there we sent Ethan with mandee's mom to babysit and we drove to the Excalibur for The tournament of Kings. Mandee and I dressed up for the Occasion. Our husbands weren't to excited but they were good sports. After having finished my medieval book earlier really got me in the mindset for the show. I really loved it. We were on Spain's side. The cutest one(YEaH) but he was taken out early, dang it. After it was over we got pictures with the winner. Don't we look good. We concluded the evening walking to the M&M factory and New york New york for pretzels and back to excalibur for ice cream. Good thing I did all that walking to burn the calories I was in taking. Whew! Then home to bed and a gasy baby. UGH! So now I am home on the other side of 30. Big Thanks go to Mandee for planning our whole trip and making it a wonderful time for me. Thanks Jared, you are my knight in shining armor. Thanks Travis for not shooting me and to mandee's parents for putting us up.

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